Flying Small, Flying Tall: Why Smaller planes are now in Demand?

Even in today’s times, people are still trying to get used to the whole idea of flying instead of travelling by road. This however, would mean that filling larger aircrafts to the max is probably going to be a bigger challenge than one can imagine, at least until the market develops completely.

Many airlines today that are looking to cut their domestic seating capacity so as to slash their hefty jet fuel bills have been turning towards smaller jets to do their work. Yes, most of the major airlines are now finding out that many of their long time carriers are after all not that great – they burn too much fuel and they just have too many seats and what with the arrival of bullet trains and luxury buses in the market, why would passengers pay extra to fly?

So all the major airlines are now downsizing their flight schedules as well as some of the planes that have been flying for years.

Yes, smaller jets are now the new rage all over the world and they aren’t just catering to the smaller markets; they are also stealing the show from their larger counterparts and can be seen doing their rounds between some of the bigger cities with the country as well.

Smaller planes are beneficial for both – the passengers as well as the airlines.

Smaller jets are the perfect blend of passenger comfort and efficient economics. They tend to have a range that’s much bigger than that of larger planes, more amenities and are on the whole, far more efficient than their mammoth predecessors.

What’s more, it has also been observed that these smaller planes also tend to provide more financial benefits for the airlines that are using them, like:

Newer engines and advanced designs make these smaller jets nearly 30 percent more efficient (fuel-wise) than the bigger planes that they are replacing.
These planes generally have lower labour costs.
Fewer seats would obviously mean a higher demand, and this in turn means that the airline in question can quote higher prices for air fares. The first class cabins in smaller jets bring in more revenue.
Last but not the least, smaller planes also tend to give the passengers more in terms of choices, allowing the airline in question to service exotic and even remote destinations that might not be viable for a larger jet.

These planes have made service to otherwise unreachable places possible. They are perfect for the demand that is met for those routes and they are extremely comfortable so that passengers can enjoy their flight in peace. Apart from this, the first-class cabins provide passengers with more leg room, less-cramped cabins and full-size carry-on luggage bins.

Although my first preference lies with charter flights, small planes have definitely come as a godsend for most air travellers. Apart from my preferred FMGM charter flight experiences, I have also had some very favourable travel experiences with smaller jets.

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