Whoever said Small is bad?

Smaller airports may not have all the amenities and services that most passengers’ desire, but they are extremely convenient – and we all know how much convenience means to any passenger, anywhere in the world!

Tired of all those flight delays, huge crowds and high prices at all of those goliath-sized metropolitan airports? I know I am! Surveys have shown that travellers now prefer going to smaller, less chaotic, saner airports than their giant counterparts. But the question I ask is – Why this sudden dramatic increase in popularity?

First and foremost, smaller airports are preferred because they tend to offer more flights, have expanded sections and the services and amenities are exceptionally good. Convenience is another big reason as to why people favour smaller airports more. There usually isn’t any heavy traffic in getting to these airports, car rentals tend to be closer, and you don’t have to hike cross-country to get from one gate to the next. What’s more, security lines tend to be shorter and the same can be said about connections between flights.

However, not all secondary airports are the same. Some smaller airports are seriously lacking in speed, especially when it comes to baggage collections, smaller airports can be slower than molasses!

Large airports however, still have a large fan club in place. In a larger airport, if you miss your flight, it would be easier to get another connection relatively quickly. Furthermore, larger airports cater to their clients every need and requirement and there’s a lot more to do when waiting in terms of entertainment, when waiting for your flight to arrive.

Smaller airports on the other hand, offer less in terms of entertainment and there are fewer shops, restaurants and services. Even so, business travellers all over the world prefer to fly via small airports.

Other advantages of smaller airports include: less congestion, parking tends to be cheaper, bags go through check-in faster and are delivered quickly, and car rental facilities are generally conveniently placed.

Beyond doubt, since the popularity of smaller airports has increased and continues to increase, they are now encountering the same types of problems that larger airports encounter.

Who’s to say whether today’s small airports are going to turn out to be tomorrow’s mammoth constructions?

I on the other hand, have had some of the best experiences when chartering flights in smaller airports. The services, the leisure time and the lack of chaos all blend together to make my journey a peaceful one.

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